AMX240 Audio Panel for General Aviation

The AMX240 is a full-featured audio source selector panel, intercom, and Marker Beacon receiver that provides outstanding features and sound quality, while incorporating Avidyne’s legendary “Flying Made Simple” user interface. Large, easy-to-read, LED backlit buttons provide simple mode selection and at-a-glance annunciation of your current audio and intercom configuration.

Supporting three transmitter inputs, nine receiver inputs, plus two inputs for stereo music and five unswitched inputs, the AMX240 also features a six-place high-fidelity stereo intercom, public address (PA) function, plus Bluetooth® music and full-duplex cell phone interfaces.

Making Flying Simpler
The AMX240 represents the state of the art in audio management and it is designed to make your flying simpler. Dual radio monitor capability allows the pilot to listen to Standby frequencies on the IFD-Series VHF radios. A dedicated Replay button provides a “say again” function that repeats previous ATC communications, and a dedicated Split button allows the pilot to transmit on Com 1 while the Copilot transmits on Com 2.

Width: 6.30″ (160mm)
Height: 1.3″ (33mm)
Depth: 7.12″ (180mm)
1.40 lbs (0.63 kg)
1.95 lbs (0.87kg) with rack & connector
TSO C50c, C35d Class A
RTCA DO-178B , DO-254, DO-160D, DO-214
11 – 33 V 2.5 A
-20 to +55 C, 35,000ft.
No external cooling fan required
Input Impedence
500 Ohms -60dB (min)
Speaker Power
3 Watts @ 14VDC into 4 Ohms
10 Watts @ 28VDC into 4 Ohms
Receiver Inputs
9 (Com 1, Com 2, Mon 1, Mon 2, Nav 1, Nav 2, Mkr, Aux, Tel) + 2 Music inputs + 5 unswitched inputs)
Transmitter Selections
(Com 1, Com 2, Tel, Com 1/2)
Intercomm Positions
Up to 6 Places
Pilot, Crew and PAX Isolation Selections Stereo or Mono
Marker Beacon
75 MHz , 1000 mV low sensitivity, 200 mVolt High sensitivity

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